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Автор: Сh. Kaftandjiev (Sofia, Bulgaria), Larisa V. Ukhova (Yaroslavl, Russia)

Mikhail Bakhtin’s chronotope: signs of time and space in advertising from the point of view of semiotics

2018. Том 5, № 4, Медиатекст: структура, композиция, векторы обновления
The topic of this article is the concept “chronotope”, created by the great Mikhail Bakhtin, and its use in advertising. This notion is one of the most important in the theory of literature. It also helps a lot of other sciences — theory of communication, applied psychology, psychoanalysis, theory of theatre and cinema, and particularly advertising, other marketing communications and marketing transmedia. The analysis of this concept is done from the standpoint of semiotics and its four parts — alphabetics, semantics, syntactics and pragmatics. The following chronotopes — Female and Male; Ordinary and Mythological; Central and Peripheral; Ordinary and Elevated; “Raw” and “Cooked” chronotopes — are examined in the first part of the article. The chronotopes are studied from the standpoints of semantic field and metaphors in the second part — semantics of chronotopes. The third part examines chronotopes as part of syntactics. The different chronotopes’ links (in the text; between the text...