Четверг, 13 июняИнститут «Высшая школа журналистики и массовых коммуникаций» СПбГУ

Автор: M. Horvath (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Historical forms of the journalistic communication style in Slovakia

2021. Том 8, № 2, Из истории становления публицистического стиля в славянских странах
The work is based on the presumption that the journalistic (publicistic or newly mass communication) style is an integral part of the communication universe of people in the 21st century, and its importance has increased in direct proportion with the rise of the influence of media. In the specific conditions of Slovakia, the evolution of journalism was closely related to the issue of language emancipation of the Slovaks and the strengthening of their national awareness. In later phases, it was considered partially a hybrid style of public communication that was created by a mixing of the official (also referred to as the administrative style and the negotiation style in the past) and the scientific style as well as the belles-lettres style with the aim to not only inform, but also educate, influence or persuade dispersive, heterogeneous addressees in regard to the most current events having a broader social meaning. In the current era that is influenced by the massive use of info...