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Issue 2021. Volume 8. No. 1

Media Linguistics Journal. Volume 8. No. 1. 2021

Chief Editor
Lilia R. Duskaeva (Russia)

Executive Editor
Natalya A. Prokofeva (Russia)

Editorial board
I. V. Annenkova (Russia)
D. Brzozowska (Poland)
V. Ye. Chernyavskaya (Russia)
V. Z. Demjankov (Russia)
T. van Dijk (Spain)
T. G. Dobrosklonskaya (Russia)
St. Gajda (Poland)
Zhang Huiqing (China)
V. I. Ivchenkov (Belarus)
M. I. Konyushkevich (Belarus)
M. A. Kormilitsyna (Russia)
I. P. Lysakova (Russia)
T. V. Shmeleva (Russia)
O. B. Sirotinina (Russia)
L. Tsoneva (Bulgaria)
K. Voltmer (UK)
H. Ja. Wasserman (South Africa)
M. Wojtak (Poland)

Guest Editor
Natalia S. Tsvetova (Russia)


A. A. Negryshev (Vladimir, Russia)
The credibility of news media text: The experience of macrostructural analysis

N. D. Golev (Kemerovo, Russia) N. N. Shpilnaia (Barnaul, Russia)
Ordinary media communication as a socio-speech sphere: The problem statement and the boundaries of manifestation

M. V. Simonova (Moscow, Russia) 
The post-truth phenomenon in coverage of the gender-based violence issue in Spain’s pandemic media space (on the material of ABC)


L. A. Kadzhaya (Perm, Russia; Weihai, China), Iu. M. Kuznetsova (Moscow, Russia), V. A. Salimovskii (Perm, Russia), M. I. Suvorova (Moscow, Russia)
Thematic organization of instructional texts as a linguistic basis for the acquisition of knowledge by an intelligent agent


E. Szkudlarek-Śmiechowicz (Lodz, Poland)
Syntactic innovations in Polish Internet communication


E. V. Sergeeva, Vu Hong Ngok (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Features of speech influence in advertising educational services on the Internet

O. V. Tikhonova, A. A. Slobodyanyuk (Moscow, Russia)
Russian media speech on RTR Moldova broadcasting

O. B. Koreneva (Sevilla, Spain) 
Open access to global health information in mass media: Specialized translation and Russian-German-Spanish terminology