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Editorial Policy

  1. The scientific journal “Media Linguistics“ is in free public access on the Internet. This implies the ability to read, download, copy, distribute, print, receive the full texts of the articles of the edition on the relevant links without prior permission of the author or publisher. We ask the authors to pay attention to the fact that their materials sent to the scientific journal “Media Linguistics” will be placed in the public domain on the journal page on the Internet.
  2. The necessary part of preparation for publication is the conclusion of a license agreement for the publication of an article in the scientific journal “Media Linguistics”. The text of the contract is sent by the responsible secretary to the author's email after the editorial board's decision to publish the article.
  3. Submission, review, editing and publication of scientific articles in the scientific journal “Media Linguistics” are free. Author's fees are not provided.
  4. The rules of the license on open access to the journal authorize authors to send the published version of their article to institutional or centralized archives. The condition of such placement is a mandatory reference to the magazine and the publisher as the original place of publication, as well as observance of the conditions of correct citation. In this regard, it is recommended to provide a pdf-version of the published article, as well as a link to the email address of the publication.
  5. In the archive of the “Media Linguistics” journal issues posted on medialing​.ru address full-text versions of published articles are presented, the last double-blind peer review process, as well as annotations and reading lists to them. Archiving of published materials implies the solution of the following main tasks: providing unlimited access to archived material from the scientific community and all interested in the problems of media linguistics; registration and publication of articles in accordance with professional standards.
  6. All articles published in the scientific journal “Media Linguistics” are posted on the website of the journal, on the website of the publisher, as well as on the www​.elibrary​.ru web site under contract with RNEB (RISC) of fielding full-text versions of the scientific journal “Media Linguistics” (regular updates are mandatory). Information on published articles in accordance with the established form is regularly provided to the system of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (contract No. 310–05/2014 of May 20, 2014).
  7. The authors have the right to post their articles, previously published in the scientific journal “Media Linguistics”, on personal websites and in various databases provided the name and issue of the output data to comply with the conditions of the correct citations. In this regard, authors are encouraged to use the publishing pdf-version of the published article, as well as the direct link to the URL of the publication.
  8. The editorial staff of the scientific journal “Media Linguistics” accepts only original high-quality works that have not been published before. If fragments of other works are included in the text of the article, reference should be made to the relevant sources. Articles in which incorrect citation (plagiarism) is revealed during the review process, are not allowed for publication.
  9. In the case of claims and for the settlement of disputes between the editors, authors and third parties please send an appeal to the editor by e‑mail version of rech@jf.pu.ru or mailing address of the magazine 199004, St. Petersburg, 1st Line V. O., 26, room 703.