Вторник, 23 июляИнститут «Высшая школа журналистики и массовых коммуникаций» СПбГУ

Автор: J. Lj. Spasich (Jagodina, Serbia)

Globalization processes in the Serbian media language

2021. Том 8, № 2, Медиадискурсология
The aim of this article is the analysis of the results of previous Serbian research on the impact of globalization on the Serbian media language. One of the main negative aspects of globalization is the weakening of national identity in order to adapt to world trends. The negative effects of globalization processes include the decline in the print media circulation and the growing popularity of cheap entertainment content offered by television, the disappearance of analytical, quality press, as well as the adaptation of information to mass distribution. The Serbian media language reflects the general social trend of approaching European and world trends, which, in addition to numerous positive effects, carries with it the risk of neglecting the elements of national cultural heritage, including the use of the national alphabet. Globalization processes affect all levels of the language structure and as a result, they are also manifested in the Serbian media language at the phonolog...